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I'll continue subscribing no matter what, but I'll post my ideas:

1. Guild Flagships w/ Missions: My idea for this is rather interesting, I think: PvE missions on a guild flagship would consist of participating guild members warding off an assault by using standard starfighters and turbolaser batteries. The enemy would be an opposing capital ship, or a Guild ship from the opposing Faction if in PvP mode. There would also be assaults on cities on a set of small planets (Fondor, Saleucami, etc)

2. Character customization: Taking out the Cyborg race and adding cybernetic options to the others would be very nice, in my opinion, as well as more options in the other subjects.

3. Better Space Combat: This would tie into number 1. My idea would be to let the player change the course of his/her starship, but not completely stop it. Basically the same controls we have now, but with steering capabilities. More explorable space zones would be a good addition to go with this.

4. Evasive Maneuvers in Ground Combat: I enjoyed the Dodge Roll ability in Guild Wars 2, and thought it would be a fantastic addition to SWTOR. Also, the ability to perform your basic attack while rolling would be terrific (Smugglers rattling off a round of bolts as they roll, Knights slashing at their opponents as they dodge past them, that sort of thing). With a Stamina Bar (extra depletion for attacking mid-dodge), I think this could work.

5. More hidden places to explore: This is something I would love to pieces. In the Dune Sea, I found a Sandcrawler wreck with a small hole in the side. The hole was covered, but it could have lead to a a passageway full of Tusken Raiders with a Rancor at the end. If they had this sort of thing in game, I'd probably forfeit sleep for it.
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