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But the current fashion in MMORPGs is that a vocal minority of gamers who love to guild up and raid -- let's call them the Piranhas -- dominate the social media metagame of the online world of MMOs. They spend all their free time that they are not gaming on Twitter, in comment streams, filing scathing reviews on Metacritic, you name it. Their hobby is to be gaming hipsters, essentially -- to see how snarkily and cuttingly they can shred a game to show off how sophisticated a gamer they are among their leet peers.

These are the armchair generals of MMOs.
This ^^ (emphasis added). Lots of comment sites (and even these forums) can be worse than political talk shows. It's a game, and a damn good one. Game trolls that refuse to let other people have fun are ruining the online gaming community.

These "Piranhas" keep people from wanting to swim.