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11.14.2012 , 02:38 PM | #8
1.) PVP Premade Finder - If you're going beyond the daily, and your guildies are at work.... find a team, make some friends, and be more competitive. This is a multiplayer social game, so meeting people outside your current circle is good, yes?

2.) A Legacy Bank - Let me keep my crafting materials & "Bound to Legacy" gear in one place. Reduce load on the in-game mail server (constantly mailing gear & mats between alts).

3.) Legacy Tier Discounts - Higher legacy levels SHOULD earn you some sort of discount for Legacy Perks. Instead of constantly lowering the standards, how about giving some incentive to grow your legacy (i.e., replay the friggin' game).

4.) Hard Mode Space Missions - Let me at least earn some extra fleet coms for replaying the fun space missions that are grayed at my level. An easy way to add variety to the endgame. Also, a good reason to buy those top-tier spaceship upgrades.

5.) Guild Capital Ships - Floating museums of a guild's accomplishments, complete with cantina and unlockable mission terminals based on ops or PVP achievements. An intuitive way to evaluate a guild before you join, an excellent way for a guild to display their super-awesomeness, and a refuge from overcrowded (and laggy) fleets.