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11.14.2012 , 01:45 PM | #26
Was playing my tank in pvp, I find a few things might help to influence the efficiency in pvp.

Change the tier 4 bonus of pvp gear from additional damage while guarding to reducing the critical chance players have against you(5-10%), reduced damage taken while guarding, or reduced damage taken from guarding.

Add in a crowd control snare to smoke grenade/oilslick, or make it a tossed attack.

Fix the issues with jumping. . . for everyone.

Fix the unload animation for powertech . . .

Bring the "-% Damage taken while stunned" to tier 1 in the AP tree, or increase the defensive capabilities of the PT through a benefit to Reactive shield or the shield mechanic itself.

Make the aim boost in the tank tree tier one, move railshot buff up.

Give 31 point tank specs the chance to reduce the effectiveness of stuns. This one is seriously tricky, but if you base it on a formula of multiple defensive stats, it'll be less effective for people that are stacking damage in tank spec. Alternatively, give tanks a large decrease on their CC breaker(everyone really needs this) or an immunity after deploying their CC breaker.

Any of these additions would see tech tanks take a strong step in pvp towards their intended role.