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11.14.2012 , 12:39 PM | #6
I agree there dmg is a bit low. In the past few weeks i have seen some people playing dps op/scoundrels and from what I have seen although they arent topping the charts as far as dps, they can however take people completely out of the game. Never see them coming and they just stun lock you to death. They most def require i higher skill level to play than any other class. But, in the right hands these guys can totally change a WZ. I was averaging 350-425k heals, then i ran into this guy playing an operative 3 straight games. Didn't get more than 150k heals off in any game he straight up took me completely out of ever game aswell as the other healers. Like i said i do agree there dmg is p*ss poor and wouldnt ever take one into a raid with me, but a WZ... if they are as skilled and sneaky as this *****hole was then i wouldnt think twice about it.