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11.14.2012 , 12:06 PM | #6
Nice topic, perhaps if the devs see it might use some of our ideas .

Down to business:

1)Better Space Combat( Give us freedom to fly with the ship).

2)Ship Customization(like painting, maybe make trophies available that we can display in our ship,little things like that) .

3)More Freedom in the cosmetic armor, I like to change the look of my character in a week basis, right now I can't do that because of the price to switch mods around. The idea that pop in my head is wardrobe system. But anything that does not cost money would be fine by me).

4) Mini Games( Pazaak,swoop race anything at all would be nice).

5)Barber shop!!!!! Or even better an item(can be a cartel market thing) that allow you to change your character look.

Have a nice day
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