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The magic number is level 33 (as per the Toxic Clash mission min level) -

I've run across the SAME problem on two TOONS now. Yes I've SKIPPED all content but Class Quest and some PVP. Both times while I was "Power Leveling" my toons even with keeping them in RESTING every logoff time.

BW Lied - (Shocked look on my face) - You can't skip all the content and do just Class quests to level up even with Legacy (without more side bar XP items). I've MAX'd out the legacy class bonus (all five), exploration bonus (all five) and even PVP bonus (all five). I'll usually grab LORE and DATACRONS along the way as well.

I've found that I'm having to run several days of PVP to get high enough level to defeat each boss in each Class quest. (5 levels below = almost impossible, 4 level below you actually hit the boss for damage)

While this is great for helping slow down power leveling characters is does suck the advertised "LEGACY" features don't do what was promised to "Play the way you want to play". I would suggest BW not make comments like that in the future. (Then again legacy didn't turn out like it should have - IMHO) I still wouldn't remove this "Feature" or road block as it does force folks to go back and smell the roses or the face plant of a PVP session.
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