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Ive been in a few games with 2 sorc healers in that spec this evening. Conclusion :
-Knockback was annoing (root), still i constider it balanced.
- barely ever got stunned by the bubble, just broke it with ranged attacks and any class apart from knights/warriors can do that and well knights warriors deserve it to be honest
-i stun a sorc he stuns me back with removing bubble - guess what he gave me a presant, a sorc with no bubble, 2 seconds, dead sorc.
Apart from that stunbubble sorc will never get even close to the healing a 31 heal sorc will get.

Should it be looked at? Maby, but this game has bigger imbalance issues at the moment (lolsentinels/lolmarauders).
Let me guess.. You play a ranged character?
(or better yet, you play melee and figured out how to break bubbles by staying outside range when it pops from dmg)

I posted this thread; Rock Meet Paper a few days after 1.4 hit. (shameless selfplug to my own thread I know)
I stand by my opinion; There is no need to nerf the blind bubbles except for one out of two potential fixes..

1) Let the bubbles give standard resolve (600)
2) Make it impossible to manually click them to get on demand CC

Doing BOTH fixes will be going overboard (I would much rather have them revert them back to mezz instead of hard stun.) And here's why:
If the bubbles give standard resolve AND is unclickable, then they won't behave like any other stun (every single CC skill outside of the bubble is in the caster's control, not so if you can't unclick them) They will become a liability due to the enemy being able to top up on resolve at any point of the game.
(I just got stunned for 4 secs and lived NP, oh lookie there, a bubble, let me just get whitebarred so I can unload my main burst safely..)

The above WILL happen because I am not the best melee player in the game, and I WOULD do it all the time. Doesn't take a genius to figure out that bubbles = free whitebar after 1 full duration stun/mez)
Since the bubbles aren't influencing ranged players, there is a 100% valid counter to the bubble spam...
CHANGE YOUR GROUP COMPOSITION! (wauw! What a revelation)
The bubbles are the SOLE reason you don't see much QQ for nerfs on maras/sents... It's the only way to counter lolsmash (well, it's not a hard counter, but it delays death and makes life difficult for the melee assist train)


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