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1) Proper Force user jumping abilities. Proper jetpack abilities for PT/Merc/Trooper/Commando. These ridiculously small bunny hops are almost insulting. I'd be quite happy if they gave us these (perhaps holding down spacebar powers up the jump) and removed things like 'Force Charge' to compensate. I know the Hero Engine is capable of handling it, just by some of the bigger leaps you can make using Rank 3 Speeders.

2) Un-nerf the loot drops to a more reasonable level. We should not be getting gray trash items for killing a named elite/champion NPC. Ever.

3) Expand crafting. Make under-utilized crafts such as Synthweaving and Armstech more useful please. Right now, people basically use them to get their Rakata off pieces and dump them for Biochem and Cybertech.

4) More saber crystal colors, and more saber hilts. Even Jedi Academy gave a larger variety. They took some ideas (black core crystals) from fan-made modpacks for KOTOR. They can obviously do better than they have.

5) The ability at some point, for all classes in each faction to get all companions for their faction and experience their companion-specific stories in relation to that particular character. What, that Bounty Hunter wants to team up with Khem Val? WHY THE HELL NOT?
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