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On the Republic side a Republic Spy
Playstyle - Damage (DPS) or Healer
Similar to the Imperial Agent with the exception of being dual wielding
Weapons: Dual wielding, Main stat Aim
DPS would have the option of wielding a blaster rifle for ranged fights or a blde/staff for melee fights
Healer would receive a blaster rifle or pistols
Gear would be medium gear for both healer/dps
Story: Self Explanatory. Embedded in Imperial circles to try to counteract the effects of the Imperial agents damage done over the years.

A mirror for this class could be a crime lord type class for Imperial side. Rise to the ranks of a Crime lord being paid by the Empire and it's allies to attack the Republics settlements and military throughout the galaxy.

On the Imperial Side
Playstyle - Tank or Damage (DPS)
Weapons: Dual Wielding, Main Stat Aim
Tanks a Sword/blade type weapon for up close melee fights and shotgun or cannon for ranged fights (Obviously there would be a loss for tanking with a cannon or shotgun type weapon and bonus for taunting/keeping aggro fighting up close)
DPS gets dual wielding blasters or sawed off shotguns with extra armor damage for ranged fights or a blade type weapon for up close fights
gear would be heavy for both classes
Story: The Empire is getting desperate in it's last hour and seeking help from all walks of life including a Pirates who they use to use hit and run raids/guerilla tactics on the Republic. Looking for wealth and glory the pirate is willing to do things get what he wants.

A mirror for this class could be a Merchant type class or a Entreprenuer for Republic side. Perhaps a story could revolve around a Merchant or Entrepreneur being wronged by the Empire and seeking revenge sides with the republic to get even and bring pain to the Empire.
The problem here is that we already have a spy story with the Agent and we already have a pirate like story with the Smuggler so it wouldnt work, and the 4 classes on both faction mirror each other but stories are meant to be unique to their faction.

believe it or not someone els has come up with something similar to this befor.
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