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11.14.2012 , 04:26 AM | #1
i decided to do *personal* statistic on Imperial Agents population density in PVP community. I can clearly tell you, that the myth of "teams of stunlocking operatives" is clearly broken.

Server: ToFN
Duration: from 11/3 to 11/14 (past 11 days)
Matches played: 100 (normal WZs)

DPS operatives
Lethality = 0 players out of 100 WZ
chance to meet Lethality op in WZ = 0%
density = 0%

Concealment = 14 players out of 100 WZ
chance to meet Concealment op in WZ = 14%
density = 1.75%

Medics operatives
Medics = 56 players out of 100 WZ
chance to meet Medic ops in WZ = 56%
density = 7%

Snipers = 55 players out of 100 WZ
chance to meet Sniper in WZ = 55%
density = 6.9%

Note: density is counted as percentage out of 800 (100matches x 8 man teams =100%)

Operative medics and Snipers are fine.
DPS Operatives need FIX.

Lethality is the least played tree in all game, for numerous reasons:
-horrible TA management
-horrible TA time hold (10sec)
-cumbersome mechanics to setup for main attack
-cumbersome TA gain mechanics (shiv)
-main problem: DOTS!!!! Why? With 'lingering toxins' your dot hold for 30 seconds, meaning 30 sec unCCable enemy => your team really "loves" you when you run around poisoning everyone.

Fix (IMHO):
-grant lethality to gain TA from Weakening blast, make the WB on shorter cooldown
-Let TA hold for 20 sec
-make our DoTS last only 8 seconds
This way we change our play, we wont poison everyone 1st, but we gain TA 1st, then we use poisons + Cull.

Concealment OPs are ridiculous compared to Assassins. Concealment Nerf strategy of BW caused them to be Cumbersome. I didnt play Concealment Ops that much to dare to speak about Fixes, but it was said already in many other threads.

BW Fix it and A.S.A.P.