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11.14.2012 , 01:59 AM | #3
I don't think the new wz map is ready for primetime. The game mechanics they have described in being on that map are borked with the new stealth abilities. There is no counter to a team of 4 operatives (2 healing, 2 concealment dps) and 4 tank assassins. They will start cloaked and then uncloak to pick off two enemies (4v1 on each). As soon as the kill occurs, they will stealth out. Rinse and repeat. When the time comes to fight over the central room, they do the same thing and then keep fighting with their 8v6 advantage. No way the other team will get kills with everyone on the stealth team being a tank or under guard.

On normal (non-deathmatch) maps, you can at least defeat a stealth player by forcing them to cloak and run away. That gives you the terrain objective. But in death match that gets you NOTHING. In death match the ability to use Exit Combat Stealth to prevent death is a trump card that usurps EVERYTHING.