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The only major difference between commando and vanguard assault spec is that commandos require casted abilities to reset their HIB, whereas VGs require instants. Making CB instant brings them in line with VGs. But unlike the VG who has to be 10m from enemies to reset HIB, commandos would be able to do this from 30m. Hence why they would be like pre 1.4 VGs.
again, no. you cannot compare apples to oranges........

powertech resets with rocket punch and flame burst. flame burst is elemental damage and auto-procs CGC for an extra ~1k damage on every hit, plus the damage from the DoT. rocket punch hits reliably much harder than either Unload (which is channeled and just begging to be interrupted) and Power Shot. not to mention both are Tech attacks, which make them subject to literally no defensive rolls.

and you need to factor in the utility that Powertech has. taunts, AOE stun and grapple, plus perma-slow are worth something, and all things that Merc does not have.

and PLEASE show me a merc that can stay at ranges of 25-30m for the majority of a fight. unless the target is attacking someone else and totally ignoring the merc, its not going to happen. melee classes have too many tools to get into our faces, and then either stay there or get back quickly.

if merc is supposed to be competitive in PvP as a DPS class, we need the ability to maintain at least a semblance of our DPS output while under pressure. instant cast TM/PS give us exactly that
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