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no, just no.

how would assault commando be in line with vanguard at all? we lack 30% armor pen on HIB. vanguards have no problem hitting just south of 5k, whereas commandos are lucky to get 4.2k
And charged bolts hits harder than ion pulse. Our attacks our also 30m, where theirs is 10m. And we still don't really have much utility either.

and just because an opinion is widely the same, does not make it correct.
If everyone saying VGs are OP are wrong, then I guess everyone saying commandos being UP is wrong too I suppose huh? Can't have it both ways.

instant tracer missile/power shot (and rep equivalents) would have no impact on damage output. is merc damage output OP right now? good god no, even under optimal circumstances. the only thing that changes is that instead of having our damage output reduced to about 20% of optimal when we are pressured by melee opponents (which is about 90% of the player base), we are able to continue being an effective member of the group by fighting back.

its like everyone is scared that Merc will suddenly stop being a free kill with instant cast TM/PS. if bioware is serious about fixing the class, that is one of the first changes they will make. luckily for all you bads, it doesnt look like bioware is serious about fixing the class
The only major difference between commando and vanguard assault spec is that commandos require casted abilities to reset their HIB, whereas VGs require instants. This is what makes assault commandos not that great. Making CB instant brings them in line with VGs. But unlike the VG who has to be 10m from enemies to reset HIB, commandos would be able to do this from 30m. Hence why they would be like pre 1.4 VGs.