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I'm a fan of a jetpack ability that takes us backwards and away from a fight. We need to get out at range. Pair the ability with a simultaneous rapid shots (looks like Jango jetting away from Obi-Wan). Rapid shots does minimal damage and offers a slight heat cooling. Make the jetpack ability instant-cast or it's pointless.

I'm all for an instant-cast tracer missile. So many of our abilities depend on the heat stacks from TM and making it instant means it can't be interrupted. Leave everything else cast so that the community doesn't scream that we're over-powered. Our big abilities (rail shot, power shot, etc.) would still be on timers.

A sentinel Force leaps at you. You utilize your jetpack ability and fly back and out of the jedi's melee range. You land, fire off one or two tracer missiles for the heat stacks (three if you've got the time), and hit rail shot (cast). The sentinel may get to you before the rail shot is fully cast or not. His Force leap is still on cool down so he's got to run to you.

In the above scenario, the bounty hunter has a chance to survive, perhaps even win. This makes the bounty hunter competitive.

The only way the bounty hunter would be overpowered is if the jetpack ability had a 0.0 second cooldown.
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