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Quote: Originally Posted by Burgdawg View Post
Yes, let's make all the classes the same. We'll give all classes a charge, speed boost, and what the hell, stealth too. If you want to kite, play a different class. Mercs get heavy armor and heals, just stand there like Superman and pewpew everyone whilst the bullets bounce off your chest.
Saing merks have heavy armor so they are fine, you prove how clueless as to how the game works you are. OOO I have heavy armor and its 5% better than medium armor, its soo good against all those attacks that bypass all armor anyway. I would so much rather have medium armor and 5 defensive cooldowns along with an aoe mezz on my merk than useless heavy armor.

Quote: Originally Posted by Smashbrother View Post
Because we'd **** any other ranged class since our attacks are instant, and theirs isn't. Charged bolts being instant would make assault commandos in line with pre 1.4 assault vanguards, and everyone considers their dps OP.

It also doesn't solve our problem of being unable to escape melee.
Charged bolts on a 5 second cooldown. And give merks a slow ability like most classes have (force slow for example).