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11.13.2012 , 09:49 PM | #22
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and tell me how that would make us OP?

we wouldnt gain any actual damage output. the only difference would be that when fleeing for our lives from a mara/pt/assassin we would actual be able to put up a fight.

right now, if a melee/hybrid melee enemy decides they want to kill me, there is not a lot i can do to stop them. i can try to run away and pull them out of the fight, but if they dont make several major mistakes i will die.
Because we'd **** any other ranged class since our attacks are instant, and theirs isn't. Charged bolts being instant would make assault commandos in line with pre 1.4 assault vanguards, and everyone considers their dps OP.

It also doesn't solve our problem of being unable to escape melee.