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The Jedi Service Corps is overseen by the Council of Reassignment and made up of people who failed the Ininitate Trails or where not chosen as Padawan although there where also full Jedi serving and comprises of the following divisions with each part overseen by a special council:
Agricultural Corps headed by the Council of AgriCorps Masters (this one of few who had members who where not Masterbut even still Padawan), they work in conjunction with the Republic Agricultural Administration to provide healthy crops for the under-privileged star systems suffering from blight or natural disasters. They had Agricultural Corps Research Laboratories at the Jedi Temple on Corusant, they also maintain research along the Salliche Ag Circuit and facilities at Ukio, Tanaab, Bandomeer, Marfa and Dilonexa. They have a branch of there own working with Jedi Geologists to discover secrets hidden in alien soil.
Exploration Corps: it has on every Ordinance/Regional Depot . The archaeological and research branch of the Jedi Service Corps it's members lived on board scout ships,and maintain a fleet of praxuem ships. They worked with the Republic Survey Corps and the Academy of Jedi Archaeology, the latter would uncover relics wit Explocorps before turning over finding to the Educational Corps. Also they worked closely with the Intergalactic Zoological Society and therefore had a facility on Mycroft. It's made up mostly of Jedi Ambassadors, Jedi Aces, Jedi Researchers and because they wander deep into uncharted territory they see the most combat out of all the Jedi Service Corps and therefore attract many ranking members
Medical Corps: headed by the Circle of Healers they are stationed at the Halls of Healing where they serve as medical technicians or assistants to the Jedi Healers that roam the Halls, they often also deploy to the field during conflict to serve as triage surgeons
Educational Corps:. headed by the Chief Librarian it was made up of teachers, librarians and scholars, they provide instruction to the disadvantaged on countless worlds.