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6 weeks from 1.5 (which is November 15) will put us pretty much at the end of December/early January, which is exactly the anniversary of update 1.1 -- for those of you that weren't there, it's the update that Bioware broke Ilum (worse than it was). Bioware has already said they want to celebrate the debacle with a world event, and that would conincide nicely with when Patch 1.6 would be due. Also due in 1.6 is a new warzone, the Elite War Hero armor set, and presumably Season 1 of ranked warzones with a rating reset.
There is still so much to do before those desirable items you mentioned can come to pass successfully.

Season 1 of rwz w/o x-server queues is pointless.

The new wz is broken because of how stealth classes work. 4 operatives, 4 assassins - kill two players each time your team comes out of stealth, and then when node fight happens, fight it out with your 8v6 advantage. Automatic win.