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The essence of any competitive game is you pit yourself against the opponent on equal terms, within the game, to see who is better.

If you play someone at chess, do you regard the fact that they have practiced and played more as unfair? Perhaps you demand that you should be able to buy six more queens if you want, as your time is too valuable to waste learning how to play.

For a game to be a clean contest and have the integrity to keep people engaged, it must not be possible to simply buy your way to victory, because then it's just a contest to see who can spend the most rather than who's best at the game.

For the record, I'm married and have a full-time job; and also two toons in full aug-WH. It's not that hard to gear up. I'll pay to play (I subscribe after all), but I would quit the moment a game went pay to win; because I want to play a game, not get into a wallet-waving contest.
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