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So you need to feel better about yourself by accomplishing things that even a retard could if he had the time.
No effort invested, no reward given.

And can you not see the runaway effect?

Player A buys his gear instead of going through the sweat and toil player B has. That puts Player B at a disadvantage, so he will also have to buy his gear if he wants to have even odds against player A. Then Player C and D will be at a disadvantage and will need to buy gear if they want to keep competing against Players A and B. And so forth, and so forth....

In PvP all big PvP guild would immeditely buy the best gear to tip the scales in their favor. Then smaller PvP guilds would have to compensate by also buying gear because otherwise they would be at too big a disadvantage. Then competitive solo players would have to buy it too because otherwise, well, they won't be competitive. The vast majority of casual players (what's left of them anyway) would leave because this would mean they could never ever win a match again. Some of those who bought the best gear would also leave because there is nothing left for them to play for.

P2W would effectively cut the playerbase in half. Some would pay but most would leave. Then more server mergers would follow as disgruntled people, who actually played the game to be successful, leave and this would gain momentum as more and more people stop playing because his/her friends and guild members have already moved on. Then a point would come, where so few players play the game that the revenue they generate woud not cover the cost maintaining the game/paying the staff/developing new content. This would significantly drive up prices in the cash shop as they try to compensate for the lost revenue. The more people leave, the more expensive the items become. The more expensive they become, less and less people buy them.

At some point most of the P2W players would leave, too, because they wouldn't be able to pay for anything new and EA wouldn't not have the money to develop anything new anyway.

Total shutdown would follow shortly.

P2W is a death blow to any MMO game and there is a very valid reason why none of largest MMO games are P2W.