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Let me think...

Still thinking....

Wait for it....


Invalidate this reason:

P2W completely screws up gear progression, takes away all the satisfaction from getting new pieces, would make server firsts completely meaningless and there would be no reason whatsoever to raid or do warzones.
So you need to feel better about yourself by accomplishing things that even a retard could if he had the time. Sorry grinding isnt skill and you shouldnt feel better

I will only agree with 1 reason i show about why p2w is bad, it is the fact that bioware might intentionally slow the time we need to get gear making it require insane amount of time to get unless you buy it. That isnt really healthy since most people will simply ragequit if they see it takes years.

But on the other hand i find getting gear through money not really a big deal, why? Simply because better geared players wll always exist, its either the one that payed money or the one who spend days playing. It wont give them a real unfair advantage(well unless if it takes years to grind the gear without money).
THE REAL issue here is things that will clearly hurt f2p players like the limited quickbar slots, NOW THAT IS PAY TO WIN, beceuse if you have too few quickslots you cant put all your skills on and your effectiveness is hindered.

So lets look on real p2w elements who directly hurt f2p players abillity to win and not "silly time achievements" like gear