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well lets break this down

I'll simply take you at face value and assume that you are the awesomeness for the purpose of this thought experiment.

Nobody will face you?
Lets look at some reasons why.
The answer is quite simple.

If the other team gets beaten so badly they get no medals, or almost no medals then there really is no point to playing. Would you want to spend 15 minutes being a punching bag for no reward whatsoever?
While roflstomping a group of your fellow players can be amusing you have to also bear in mind that these are people and they simply are not going to keep coming back for more and get nothing for it.
Yeah I know, play more, get better gear, yada yada, but honestly I learn more from losing a competitive match than I do from getting roflstomped.
Just because it's a ranked WZ doesn't mean people are going to behave any differently. People are people.

So my suggestion would be for you to break up and make more teams. spread your uber leetness around a bit.
That way you get a good challenge, more pops, and they might be willing to face you.

Shrinkology 101 class dismissed, there will not be a test later and feel free to draw obscene things on the whiteboard for the next group to use the room.

not the droids you are looking for...move along..
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