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Not all of us have rich wallets/credit cards...btu everyone HAS TIME...the SAME time actualy..its jsut a matter of how you use it..and if you cant use it as often as some players..well too will get THERE...LATER...but all of us wont get RICHER any time SOON...catch my drift?now crawl back to your cave
Uhm ?!?!
Well a day has 24 h for everybody, right. But the question is how much time do you have available for playing. As a student I had 12h+ now I have 2h at maximum. But now I have money to compensate. That's fair, so let me buy the stuff. Btw, I did enough skill and gear grinding to last for three lifetimes.


Kill gear progression for pvp. Stupid idea anyways. Softcore kiddies playstyle, bah. In the old times 14/18 I ...