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11.13.2012 , 01:43 AM | #1
Considering the following factors:
1. Deception has 3 out of 5 main attacks that get huge buffs to crit damage; maul gets 30%, shock and discharge both get 50%.
2. Our class also has recklessness, which means at some point you will have 3 on-demand crits from shock and discharge (or maybe 2, since shock can consume 2 charges).
3. Without any crit on our gear, our mainstat will still give us 10%, the base is 5% and the crit buff puts us at 20% crit minimum.
4. Crit has heavy DR starting at roughly 30%, but may still be viable at higher levels depending on other factors

So knowing this, how much crit would a deception player typically need to min-max his damage output? I've considered both running no crit and maxing crit out at like 40% or maybe even higher, and without solid numbers I just can't really settle on a "best" place for deception to be.