Thread: P2W is bad?
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11.13.2012 , 12:24 AM | #8
you can not possibly be asking for p2w specially for pvp....

you are the ultimate example of a scrub that should re-roll another game.

Not all of us have rich wallets/credit cards...btu everyone HAS TIME...the SAME time actualy..its jsut a matter of how you use it..and if you cant use it as often as some players..well too will get THERE...LATER...but all of us wont get RICHER any time SOON...catch my drift?now crawl back to your cave

edit:also this wouldnt happent...because its know now to FAIL and KILL games even faster...people SPEND money on chosmetic will see how happy BW will eb with cartel stuff..they know there is no need for p2w...and that the HUGE majority of the playeerbase worldwide is agaisnt it..