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No, I love games, I just don't love work. The only equality I'm drawing for P2W and G2W is around the reasons that people don't like P2W. If x (your reasoning) then P2W is bad, well... x also implies that G2W is bad. Logically, then, G2W must be bad....

The only integrity on the subject is that people accept grinding because they're used to it in the genre.
<.< You... didn't even understand what I said.

Okay... so the purpose of a game is to play it right? Whatever it's rules are, you play a game to beat it's challenges, get it's rewards, etc...

P2W means you aren't playing the game to beat it's challenges and get it's rewards, you're paying to skip it's challenges and get it's rewards.

Further more, if you find the tasks you have to do while you play "Work" then you are simply playing the wrong game.