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Yep. It's a perfectly good game, but it's not great. It's not even close to great. The voiced storylines are fantastic, but it's been almost a year now without any update to them. Everything else is taken from WoW and implemented with less polish. Even little quality-of-life things like the camera and micro-stutter need more work. And don't give me "WoW has been out for 7 years" nonsense. Why don't you go release a brand new phone on the market with features equivalent to a phone from 2005 and see if the "Apple has had products on the market for longer" argument flies. People pay for a service, and they will want to pay for the best one. Compete properly, or don't compete at all.


F2P is about to go into effect, and we all know how LOTRO famously tripled its revenue when it introduced the F2P model. And to add to that, Episode VII has been announced. Holy hell people. The folks at EA probably screamed so loudly in excitement at that announcement that every window in their central office shattered.

F2P should increase revenue, and EA should invest more cash into this game in preparation for the huge influx of players in a year's time when hype for the next film starts to really build. If they can iron out all these creases, implement some unique new content (please do something with space!) and transform the game into something truly great instead of merely 'good', then we have nothing to worry about.

So yes, you've got to be in denial if you think this game has done particularly well over the last year. But you've also got to be in denial if you think the future doesn't look a heck of a lot brighter for SWTOR.
Too bad many key staff members left, including the story writers.