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Quote: Originally Posted by Rhuobhe View Post
How does this differ from any other ranked ladder game? You're actually still getting ranked standing.

So if your guild had 16 online and you wanted to go against each other, is that wrong?
Actually no, we don't really get hardly any rating for standing around, because none of them even enter the game. Hence we usually stand around for 10-15 minutes just to get 1 rating at the very most, for that game. There are times we do not get to play at all because all the teams are purposely avoiding us, even if it means forfeiting the match and losing their points, while we gain 1 point.

You really think BW intended for a particular group of people to not be able to play anyone in ranked because everyone would rather lose their rating outright than try and play against them? I'm saying that those on the republic side just do a /who "Our Guild Name" when they get a ranked queue, and if they see us vanish from the fleet, or if they see some other way that we just got a queue, none of that team will enter the ranked match, which is why we get 1 point.

So you really think it's fair that our guild hardly ever gets to play ranked because 75% of other ranked teams avoids us like the plague, even at the expense of losing their own rating. Meanwhile we stand on the fleet all night or in empty warzones while others get to play ranked against each other.