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11.12.2012 , 11:45 AM | #1
There's a thread on Bioware's DA3 board that has really helped the devs collate info about what the players want, and it would be interesting to see if SWToR's devs and community managers could make use of something similarly organized and to-the-point.

The idea is that you post 5 things you want to see added/improved/removed from the game in a simple list. Keep it short and sweet!

With F2P about to hit, and a new Star Wars movie launching in a few years, SWToR has a great chance of gaining momentum. So as that momentum builds, what would you like to see the devs incorporate? Here's my list:

1) More Character Customization - I can't get enough of it. Keep those Cartel Coin packs updated with new customization options, and I'll keep my sub running. Hairstyles, tattoos, clothing, colour crystals, anything.

2) Open Planets - Most planets feel railroaded. I would love to see planets added in the future that encourage exploration. As much as I love linear designs for their structured stories, I would also love to see some planets experiment with free-form questing.

3) Less Skills - Controversial, no doubt, but my Consular has three bars brimming with skills, and a fourth dedicated to items. It's a barrier to entry for some players, and seems cluttered to me. Many of them could be condensed down.

4) Open World PVP - perhaps tie it in to an open planet. Give me objectives to fight for, and a reason to HOLD ON TO THEM, instead of rewarding me each time I capture it. Make Imps and the Republic want to keep hold of a location, and trading won't be an issue.

5) Space - I don't expect it to be as open as EVE, but at least take it partly off-rails. Allow me to buy and customize my own ships, allow Smugglers to run blockades and make cash trading/smuggling, and perhaps incorporate group space missions. Flashpoints could begin with space battles, and PVP could also take place up there. Lots of untapped potential.

What are your top 5?