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So on my server it has gotten to the point where other ranked teams refuse to face the guild I am in ranked warzones. Now not queueing is one thing... but these guys queue in 2 sets of eight. The purpose of this is for them to face each other. Ok, that's all fine and dandy too, but if either of these two teams happen to be in a queue against us, they don't even play the game. None of them even enter the ranked warzones. So the past 3 days my teammates have had the majority of our games be empty ranked warzones. We just stand there for the entire game because there is noone to fight. At the end, we get ranked comms but pretty much no rating whatsoever. The other teams don't seem to care if they lose points as long as they can avoid facing us. Bioware, isn't there some way you can fix this?
I'm confused... Are you bragging that all other teams are terrified at the sight of your team, or asking BW to ::force persuade:: other teams to play against yours?