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A Jedi will progress in this manner:
Jedi Initiate: This is the earliest state of training and comprises the youngest members until they pass the Initiate Trails, they are formed into clans where they live together 24/7.
Jedi Padawan:after passing the Initiate Trails they get chosen by there master as there Padawan (If they fail there Initiate Trail or do not get picked the Council of Reassignment refer them to the Jedi Service Corps)who would continue his/here teaching until the Padawan Trail.
When a Padawan passes his/here Padawan Trail he/she is Knighted and recieves the rank of Jedi Knight they would chose one of 3 fields of specialisation and could take a Padawan of there own.
When a Knight successfully trained a Padawan to become a Knight he/she receives the rank of Jedi Master. while this is the highest a Jedi can reach the High Council would select one possesses the strongest mind and incomparable mastery of the Force and name him Grand Master (who is undisputed leader), in addition to that the High Council and the Council of First Knowledge can appoint a leader to guide discussions and moderate debates, in case of the High Council he is named Master of the Order (usually the Grand Master), Council of First Knowledge is led by the Caretaker.

The fields of study go like this:
Jedi Guardian:emphasis on the combat (most skilled and most learned Jedi Master held title of Battle Master) they have the following patways:
Jedi Weapon Specialist: they studied combat with more exotic weapons (inplace of a lightsaber)
Jedi Instroctor: thet teach the Initiate's and the Padawans. there are many specialised fields including: politics, lightsaber combat, unarmed combat and sciences.
Jedi Ace: focus on space combat and fill the ranks of the Jedi Starfighter Corps.
Jedi Peacekeeper:focused on police and security operations and would work with local law enforcement agency's. a group is stationed at the Temple and many work with the Temple Security Force
Jedi Consular: overseen by the Council of Reconciliation they seek diplomatic measures in spreading peace and harmony, they work closely with the Republic Diplomatic Corps (the most skilled and learned are called Sage Master). they have the following pathways:
Jedi Ambassador: are the public face for the republic and travel to newly discovered systems or government palaces of those who lobby for membership in the Republic. Occasionally a Jedi Ambassador would be assigned as a personal advisor for a senator
Jedi Artisan: work creatively in the field of crafting lightsabers but sometimes other items to.
Jedi Diplomat: send into tense situations to force a compromise and end the threat of bloodshed, they work with the Republic Diplomatic Corps. Although related to the Jedi Ambassador they take a more direct approach, not working as a intermediary, they are the voice of the Republic and can make legal decisions without conferring with the Senate.
Jedi Healer: choose to amplify there healing-techniques every Jedi learns, they work within the Circle of Healers and the Medical Corps.
Jedi Lore Keeper: are involved with the knowledge in the Order and are further divided in:
Jedi Archivist: remain close to the Temple Archive or go afield with the Exploration Corps.
Jedi Historians: are dedicated to researching the history of the Jedi Order
Jedi Librarian: are dedicated at safeguarding and updating the Jedi Archives.
Jedi Researcher: work to improve the Archive trough theory and science and is further divides as such:
Jedi Archaeologist;: they work with the Exploration Corps and all aremember of the Academy of Jedi Archaeology, there is a special division for xenoarchaeology.
Jedi Astronomer: resopnible for plotting routes to Jedi-held planets, experts at locating black holes and quasars they often roam the Outer Rim plotting new routes or are at the Temple updating and maintaining the holographic displays.
Jedi Liturgist: study alien languages
Jedi Biologist: are experts in the field of biology.
Jedi Geologist: work closely with Agricultural Corps they are specialist in the field of geology and help identify minerals in the soil that help plant growth.
Jedi Seer: are responsible for receiving Force Visions and interpreting them for the High Council and Council of First Knowledge, those capable of foreseeing the future are called Prophets
Jedi Sentinel: seek a balance between the 2 others and have following pathways:
Jedi Investigator: work with local law enforcement agency's and are charged with rooting out threats with there investigative skills and there Force ability's.
Jedi Recruiter: seek out new recruits for training in the Order they are members of the Acquisition Division.
Jedi Shadow: sought out and destroyed everything about the Sith and other Dark-siders
Jedi Watchman: opted to stay in one place and operated alongside a sector or system government to ensure diplomacy was maintained in all matters,they would also oversee testing and reporting of all Force-sensitive children born in their sector turning them over to the Acquisition Division.
There are other specialisations as well. The Technical Division is staffed by tech experts specialist specialised in maintaining droids and other mechanicals. there are also security expert ans slicers who don't work with the Force. The Quartermaster ensures that all the Jedi equipment is up-to-date and that the storehouse are well-kept with the latest technology