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For the first fight you just need to position your salvation either on the tank and melee dps or the ranged (our raids consists of 2 sage and 2 scoundrel healers). Before every fight, the other sage and myself will always determine who is focusing on the melee and who is focusing on the ranged. Essentially you also need to consider the overall roles of the healers in the groups. We like to leave the tanks almost fully up to the scoundrels with us sages of course putting out rejuvenate and bubbles on the tanks for the added protection and armor buff. Our job (the sages) is then to support heal the dps with salvation, force armor, and healing trance. While scoundrels are the ideal healer for single target tank healing, you can get away from using a sage on that role but we have found that sages are built better for support healing since salvation is so useful. You should be focusing on keeping your targets (either the ranged dps or the melee) topped off. We also tend to be the ones cleansing people. Once you get all that figured out you just need to study each fight and know what phases are coming up. The most healing intensive fight is the Dread Guards (IMO the toughest healing fight in the game) because there is so much damage being put out. Just have a solid footing with the other healers so that there is no overhealing and that someone is putting a salvation in the middle for ranged and melee to run into. The other fights are honestly not that bad but one thing I want to touch on for all healers is the final fight. When you enter the hyper gate to fight the boss head on, you can stack all the healers on the home (first) platform and heal from there. There is no distance restriction (except for salvation) and you have the highest point in the area so you can reach anyone. When the anomalies come up, we designate one healer (usually me) to follow the 3 man group that is in charge of taking them out while the rest of the raid focuses on the boss. For the last burn phase, you should split up the raid with the other sage and bubble up your respective side. During this phase healing the raid is pretty much a waste since the boss moves from target to target so before this phase happens bubble everyone up and dps the boss. The bubble should absorb the attack the boss puts on that person and the likely hood they will be attacked twice is very low so that initial hit is what counts. You want all out dps during that phase so get all the healers to attack once the bubbles and hots are out.

Our guild has had this raid on 16 man HM farm for awhile so if there is any specific thing you need answer please do not hesitate to ask. This raid is by far the most healing intensive one so just make sure you're gear is itemized for hard hitting heals (I actually only have 37% crit because rej. gives us extra crit chance on healing trance so I use this opportunity to stack a butt load of power and surge). You want your healing trance and salvation to hit as hard as possible (I usually see salvation ticking for around +900). I would avoid alacrity almost completely expect maybe the ear piece and implants. It can work against you if your heals channel too quickly (because of this I completely avoid using that long 2+ second heal deliverance) and only rely on healing trance and salvation with ben. being a fill in. Just remember that your best ability for saving someone is force armor; it absorbs a **** ton of damage and should ALWAYS be using before healing someone. My priority is almost always:
1. Force Armor (If off cooldown)
2. Rejuvenate (Only if it is a tank or someone being focused by the boss. If it is not the tank then I switch to the tank, cast Rejuvenate, then re-target the person in question)
3. Healing Trance
4. Noble Sacrifice (If clairvoyance proced and below 80% force)