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Please post and comment your ideas and wishes for the 1.6 pvp patch !

Normal "50" WZ :

The normal warzone should be the entry to lvl 50 pvp and a quick way to aquire battlemaster gear and some warhero gear. Queues should be for solo and group (<4). Token prices should be adjusted so that getting battlemaster goes quite fast and warhero slightly longer.

Matchmaking should be optimized so that two 4-men group cannot be in the same operation.

Pvp Teams : Players should be able to create named pvp teams similar to guilds. Players from different guilds could be in the same pvp team.

Rated *50" WZ :

The rated warzone should reward "solo rating" and "team rating" and queues should be for solo and pvp teams (5-8 players). Rewards should be Rated tokens and allow to aquire Elite WarHero gear.

In the future, crosserver queues should be implemented for rated BGs

Leaderboards and Special rewards :

Leaderboards should be made available and viewable in the fleets. Is should list the top 20 solo rated players and the top 10 rated teams of the server. Top 10 rankings should be viewable also for each advanced class.

Special and original rewards should be awarded for the best 5 players of each advanced class and the best 5 teams at the end of each month.
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