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Long story short, after the seer changes in 1.2, I gave up healing on my sage for a while. But with the changes in 1.4, I decided to give it another chance, especially since my commando healer was feeling very overworked by the Dread Guard in HM.

So far, so good. I've healed most fights without any real drama, although it still feels really slow sometimes and I die a little inside each time I noble sacrifice then see green numbers above my head from the other healer.

But a couple of fights in TfB have me worried after healing them in story mode, and I could use some advice from more experienced sorc/sage healers. Most of my questions are for fights where there is a high amount of movement required by the raid, and the appropriate use of salvation. I am 4/5 in HM on my DPS, so I am at least familiar with most of the mechanics. Warning: I am probably one of those healers that overuses salavation and relies on it for just about every pull for both healing and force management.

Dread Guard: Phase 1 looks pretty easy. Phase 2 is pure chaos with lots of single-target spike damage on random raid members. Phase 3 is slightly less chaos, but only slightly. Open question: how you work phases 2 and 3 for force conservation, single target heals, and AoE heals?

Kephess: The only time salvation seems useful is when Kephess starts his laser blast and is about to be knocked down, and only if laid down immediately. But that means I'm not focus healing the person taking laser blasts for 1.8 seconds...and they take a LOT of damage. Do you go with salvation here, or bubble and start pre-casting deliverance? What about salvation good to lay at the tower that people are going to be clicking on?

Terror From Beyond: Phase 1 seems like pretty standard stuff, no real worries here. Phase 2 I'm not sure about. In story mode, I alternately placed salvation on the DPS platform, which was kinda pointless since they weren't taking any damage, but would be a good thing if they accidentally take a slam or something. I also put it on one of the tank platforms as an extra HoT, which did make healing that tank a lot easier. And I tried it on my own platform for force management. None of which felt like a particularly optimal thing to have done at that point...nor was I happy about the amount of healing I consumed from the other healer as a result of noble sacrifice. I don't think we can have that happening in hard mode. So again, open question, what do you do here?