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EC will open Thursday, so I created again a tool allowing to rank guilds.
I improved the tool a bit with some players remarks. The points are more balanced between the four bosses.

The EC World Ranking 8M-NiM :

Only the first thirty guilds who kill a boss will score points! The 4th boss offer the biggest bonus.

To verify a kill we need four(4) pieces of information.

First is the boss that was killed, including their nameplate in the kill is the easiest option.

Second you need to show the difficulty you killed the boss on. If you are the raid leader you can right click on your portrait, open up the change instance difficulty menu and it will show your raids current setting.

Additionally you can show your codex entry for either of the above situations, they have the boss's name and difficulty on them.

Third, we need to know if it was a 16m kill or an 8m (all players must be in the same guild).

Fourth, we need to know when the boss was killed. This is tricky because your in-game clock is based off of your local time. If it reads 6pm we don't know if it was 6pm in europe or 6pm in the states (5+ hours later!). To get around this you may use this timer (UTC timer) : . Set up your shot in swtor, open up the Timer popup and drag it over your window. Hit print screen to take your screenshot and you are almost done. Open up paint (or your favorite image editor) and paste your shot in. While you're at it you can crop out anything you don't want to share. Save the shot and you are good to go.

Good Luck and Have Fun.
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