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General Ministry: headed by the First Administrator and various Senate Committee"s had oversight and financial authority over the corresponding Ministry's. There are several Ministry's that fall under it:
Ministry of State
Ministry of Finance: Headed by the Minister of Finance it is the civilian monetary and financial service for the Galactic Republic. It's unknown if they have ties with the InterGalactic Banking Clan.
Ministry of Commerce: Headed by the Minister of Commerce it was the civilian agency responsible for commercial affairs, it was unknown if it had ties to the Commerce Guilds.
Ministry of Science and Education: headed by the Minister of Science and Education it deals with civilian affairs involving science and education and presumably funded Republic related schools, academy's, libraries, museums and university's including General Ministry's Institutes which include the following:
Extragalactic Society: (or simple ExGal) was devoted to the search of life outside the galaxy
Mrlsst Center for Linguistic Studies: It is devoted to create a database that contained a listing and cross-translating of every form of verbal communication. It trains diplomats and merchants throughout the galaxy
Fondor Academy of Engineering and Design