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Stellar work! I enjoy your informative, yet concise descriptions and I feel like you really know what your talking about.

If I could make a request for a future series, I know its a controversial topic but there are many misconceptions regarding Mandalorians and I feel you could clear up a lot of things for people. I'm a fan of a (more tone-downed) Karen Traviss style Mando myself as opposed to the FotJ cannon-fodder mercenaries and I'd like to see your interpretation of cannon regarding the culture. (might even be worth their own series of threads with the Neo-crusaders, Deathwatch, Hippie Mandos, ect...)

I'd also like to see a series to do with somewhat obscure non-force using organizations such as the Antarian Rangers. or the Noghri, Exchange, Black Sun, ect...
Zey: "Kal, you know that the Sith are bad news. They're evil. They've always been the cause of endless war and carnage across the galaxy."
Skirata: "Oh, that's a good one. 'My decapitations are more morally valid than your decapitations.' Only difference I can see is that they plan to end up with trillions dead, and you do-gooders manage it by accident."