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I have to agree with most of the things Shava wrote. I witnessed it so many times irl among some friends and acquaintances:
1st. They'll talk about that new mmorpg months prior to its launch and they'll play in every beta phases.
2nd. They'll preorder it asap and stay awake all night before the launching day.
3rd. They'll burn through the mmo without reading the story, without taking the time to look around in the maps, without socializing, without trying the other classes, etc.
4rd. After 2-6 days, they're already at max level. After 1-3 weeks, they're already max geared and guess what? Yep, they are already totally bored.
5rd. They'll start to complain a lot and write many really negative comments about that mmo in forums/chat/websites.
6rd. They'll unsub.
*Repeat steps 1 to 6* until death...
Thank you for this. I agree 100% with what you wrote based on what I've witnessed in this game and WoW over the last 6 years. Personally, I love this game. I love the fact that I get to live out my own Star Wars Fantasy as several different characters, and I am sick of all the negative crap I am forced to read (from people who claim to have "unsubbed") each time I go out on the internet for information about the game.

Darth Hater is the last site to stay up-to-date I fear and I get pissed off reading the same negative nanacy comments on there, but it is really the only one who stays completely current. ForceJunkies tries, but is always a couple days behind and seems to be only ran by 1 person anymore. I think this leaves opportunity for someone who has the time to draw on those of us who still love and support this game. If I were unnemployed right now, I might even take a shot at it myself, lol.
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