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My first character was a Sith Warrior, I made him a Marauder and I love the story. To be honest, it flows so nicely the way it happens, from start to finish it just works. If we reversed Chapters 2 and 3, then there would be no explination for


As it stands now, the story works fine, at least for me. By the end of the Warrior story I HATED Baras enough to really want him dead. Before, I was just making fun of how he had one too many Dark Side Donuts from the Sith Krispy Kreme. Lord Fatass and his loyal servent Drahg, the future Lard King. I mean I hated him already at that point, but after everything that happens and you get contracted by the Emperor I was ready to stab him with his own lightsaber and carve up his fat like butter and serve it on toasted bread to his followers on the Dark Council.

Okay maybe I'm a little twisted, but I really hated Baras. My only regret about the story was you didn't get to hear him squeal like a piggy.