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That text wall from shava that everyone's quoting in full has problems. It's full of sour grapes about some supposed segment of players, which is only actually important if you obsess on those things.

SWTOR is a perfectly fine game. The problem it has had from Day One is that there are about 350,000 people who will pay to play a well-designed and well-run Star Wars MMO. Not ten million, not one million - about a third of a million. But EA/BioWare and LucasArts conned themselves into believing they could reach WoW-sized numbers because, well, Star Wars. And they invested accordingly, and for a while sold boxes accordingly. People installed from those boxes, tried to play the game for a while - and then everybody who wasn't one of the 350,000 left.

Gamers being gamers, we naturally have to listen to a hundred cockamamie theories for the "failure," that it's because Imperial Hat is bugged, because they won't let you get into a 3-way with Cedrax and Holiday, etc, etc. And of course TOR had some stumbles, like most new titles. But really the game itself is fine. It was just never going to stay much bigger than it is now - and that was not the publisher's plan. Everything follows from that. Even now, they think that Free-To-Play is going to open the floodgates and make it a huge game. Watch and see.
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