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Here I'm going to talk about the Republic Military which is headed my the Minister of Defence and the Ministry of Defence (which includes the post of Defence Ministry Director of Public Information, unknown if it's part of the General Ministry or the Office of the Supreme Chancellor)

The Supreme Commander is the head of the Republic Military and is held first by Ranst, followed by Stantorrs (afterwich Ranst briefly regained the post) and finally Jace Malcom

The Republic Strategic High Command is the highest level of command within the Republic Military, General Callan Grayne is apart of it. The War Trust is a division of it responible for for most of the Galactic Republic's military innovations and tactics, it consist of 4 generals: Elaxis Frellka, Minst, Durant and Faraire.

Republic Army: Within the army there is a clear distinction between combat troops and support aswell as command personnel, as such combat troops fight on the battlefield and the support and command personnel remained far from the battle. This means that it is very rare to find any person from the rank of Lieutenant on the battlefield. The army is divided as follows:
Corps: these consisted of all the forces present in a given region and is named after the planet where it has his headquarters. It is headed by a General but he redirects the order straight to the Brigadier.
Brigade: Headed by a Brigadier with it's own headquarters it consisted of between 4 and 9 Battalions (1000 to 5000 troops). It's missions are large scale landing operations, raids and occupation with there command and control directed from a navy vessel if present.
Battalion: consisting of Squad ranging from 25 to 40 it is led by a Major, it is here that specialisation is allowed.
Squad: consisting of 8 to 12 infantry and led by both a Sergeant and a Corporal
Also included is the Republic Special Forces Division headed by General Elin Garza and the Republic Army Personnel Division which is responsible for dealing with Republic Military personnel and traitorism within there ranks.

Republic Navy: Oversight is handled by the Senate Naval Subcommittee and appropriations are handled by the Procurement Panel of the Senate Naval Subcommittee, overall command is with the Admiral of the Fleet (which is a political position, held by Master Oteg). Below that are the Core World navy's each headed by the Admiral of the Coreworlds (while he is technically is charge of all ships in his sector of operations he seldom does only when interfering with local politics). Further down are the various Fleets commanded by Admiral's, Vice Admiral's and Rear Admiral's, there is no set size for each Fleet with each Admiral given the command of a number of sector's. Captain's are given command of individual ship's although smaller ships can be commanded by a Commander.

Republic Starfighter Corps: Squadrons are the highest formation and are lead by a Commander.

Republic Strategic Information Service: More commonly know as SIS (Strategic Information Service), it was originally the monitoring and deciphering branch of the Library of the Republic. It was expanded for the Great Galactic War. It is headed by the Director of Intelligence (currently Marcus Trant) and headquartered at the Heorom Complex below him was the Director of Coreworld Operations (currently Harson Nild) and the Director of Mid Rim Operations (currently Ardun Kothe), planetary operation are overseen by Bureau Chief's who supervises Special Agent's and Agent's . It's duties where management of networks, counter-intelligence, foreign intelligence, military intelligence and assisting local law enforcement agencies. It had a safe house on Nar Shaddaa's Promenade and a base in Shadow Town on the moon, also is there a safe house on Ord Mantell and a camp on Voss.