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After a while being shown round, the ship. Also having to pretend to like conrad, who by this point she wanted to kill. She neared engineering, at that point. She smiled to conrad, and ran into engineering. She did this so, engineering cheif would make them self known. Oi, what you doing here? A tall man asked, in a republic uniform. Conrad quickly came in Erm sorry cheif, she with me.conrad tried to explained. That all sabrina need to know, sabrina then relised know is the moment to start her plan. She new she have to use the force, to be successful. She raised hand, and use force pursuade. I think it be good idea for you, to put ship into lockdown. Then transfer control of the ship here, what do you think cheif? ~The cheif replyed Yes, that would be good idea. The cheif headed over to controls, to start the lockdown. Conrad relised what was happing, but was too late. As he drew his blaster out, sabrina shocked and he was laid cold. The rest engineering, had no weapons of note. As the ship entered lockdown, and control`s transfered to engineering. Sabrina spoke If you want to surive this, don`t try anything. You are not my pray, though I may need your help. The cheif then turned to sabrina, and said Lockdown done, and I transfered control here. Wait why did I do that. Sabrina waved her hand,Because I asked nicely, who in charge of the droids?