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Conrad lead sabrina away, from the rest of the refuge`s. He took her to his quater`s, finaly she thought I am out off, that area. As they walked, she asked conrad How many jedi, are on the ship. Just curiousty, I never met a jedi. Could you show me one later, perhaps He just grined May be, will see. They finaly goto his room, their she cleaned herself.
Then sat on his sofa, So when you on duty, next? She asked conrad, Oh not till tomorrow know, why trying to get rid of me. Sabrina quickly replied No, I just wonder how long I got you for. That`s all, honest Fair enough, so what to do. Know got me, then? he asked whilst moving over, towards her. Sabrina did not want that, How about giving me a tour, of the ship. Then afterwards, maybe if your nice. conrad quickly replied I am always, nice. He was a little put out, by this. Though he resigned himself, to have to atleast wait a little longer. He then took sabrina, on a tour of the ship. She was waiting to get near, engineering to make her move.