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I'm going to talk here about Jedi locations ( up to TOR)

Temple Ruins (Corusant): The site of the Temple where the Order was located up until the Sacking when it was abandoned.
Jedi Temple (Tython): The Jedi Order was founded on Tython but later abandoned, after the Sacking the Order sought a new home and found it at Tython where they constructed a new Temple.
Ossus: This is the place where the Jedi went to after they abandoned Tython, it contained Knossa Spaceport, Imhar Canyon (where in submerged cavesJedi Master Gar Anstak had offices) and the Great Jedi Library but the planet became devastated when Exar Kun destroyed the Cron Cluster.
Jedi Enclave (Dantooine): Overseen by the Dantooine Jedi Enclave Council (a subset of the High Council, comprising of 4 Master's, it ran the training at the Enclave and was responsible for the administration there but it also supervised other academy councils like the Tarisian Jedi Council) bombarded in 303 BTC and reopened after 29 BTC.
Arca Jeth's praxuem: located on Arkania it was founded by Jedi Master Arca Jeth
Jedi Training Facility (Bogden 3): located on Bogden 3
Culu Memorial Center: located on Alpheridies. During the Great Sith War, Mandalorian Crusaders conquered the planet afterwich the Galactic Republic retake the planet and the Order established Colu Memorial Centre for training.
Jedi Enclave(Bespin): It was located on Bespin
Jedi Enclave (Mustafar): located on Mustafar, it was ruined when the planet became devastated
Jedi Academy (H'ratth): located on H'ratth and founded in 349 BTC it was staffed by Jedi Healers where they learned there skills
Jedi Temple (Alaris Prime):located on Alaris Prime it was it was destroyed long ago
Kamparas Jedi Training Center: One of the most important academy's after Corusant and Ossus it was know for it's specialisation in data collection and storage. Initiate Clans would also come here to train
Jedi Tower: located on Taris it was also known as the Taris Academy, it was headed by the Tarisian Jedi council which held 5 members. It's destroyed when Taris got slagged
Telosian Jedi Academy: located on Telos IV, it had a council chamber but it's unknown if the was a council presiding
The Jedi Temple (Ilum) is built in a cave and is the location where Jedi gather crystals and build there lightsaber
Jedi Monument (New Holistice): A large column of light, a Jedi would whisper the name of a deceased Jedi to a memory moth and release it in to the shaft to commemorate the fallen Jedi
There are also several Jedi chapter houses wich are overseen by the Council of First Knowledge, there is 1on Aleen, 1 on Antar4 (where also Antarian Ranger are), 1 in Montroll City on Gandle Ott, 1 near Rhire on Rhinnal (here Jedi Healer are also taught) and 1 on Taanab which is in use for the Agricultural Corps