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Say what you want, but anyone who seriously plays ranked knows the impact the bubble change has had on the game. To be more specific, the fact the bubble is now a stun, but only fills resolve like its a mezz.

Instead of just trying to protect what they have, it would be better if people just accepted facts. Force bubble as it is now is overpowered, because its currently in a state that is effectively bugged. Once it fills resolve how its meant to be, the total time stunned in warzones will drop dramatically.
Let's look at the ranked must haves:

Juggernaut Tank (Melee)
Assassin Tank (Melee)
Carnage Marauder DPS (Melee)

And because of current state of smashspec, having it on top of the above doesn't hurt:

Smash Warrior DPS (Melee)

So, excluding healers, 4/6 (tank + dps) are melee. the other two could be PT/Sniper/Sorc. The PT will be with those melee, and Sniper has no problems being close to them.

What I mean, is that the game is heavily gimped towards melee, and zerging. So no, I'm not seeing bubble spec as a bad thing.