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And I don't agree that the bubble should create more resolve. Melee can rootlock people way too easily, and marauders can use stealth as an extra gap closer. When it comes to control, I find it funny that the people with so much CC are complaining about it.
But Feta... Every other stun in the game of that duration gives more resolve. Come on, we all noticed the huge difference when this went live.

Like I said, its just a case of putting things on an even level. The bubble itself is not the problem, its how many of them you can eat before full resolve. Trust me, for anyone who doesnt have CC immunity, its a joke

(Also, yes you can try to not break bubbles, but then whats to stop somebody, like me, walking next to you and popping it deliberately, straight after you get out of the stun for popping the bubble on the sage?...)
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