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P.S: I also have a jugger a PT and a shadow, 3 melees, and I have no problems dealing with these bubbles. Just if you thought "you don't play a melee and you don't know how it feels being stun half of the WZ"... yes, I know how it feels, but I also have a sorc and I also know how it feels.
Not only I have both Marauder and PT, I also play a concealment operative now.
If they come to the forum and QQ about the bubble stun as lolmara or lolsmasher they really should try to do it on a concealment operative.

Funny thing is people playing non-fotm class like Concealment Operatives didnt cry about bubble stun yet the much stronger classes like Mara/Guardian/PT are chain QQing... well maybe its because none fotm players are so rare nowdays OR maybe these fotms are so used to sorcs being free kills and is unhappy about a sorc can now pose a threat to their facerolling ACs.
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