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Where Do I begin........I guess....with Dos operating System
Star wars - Dark force
Star wars - Dark forces
Star wars - Out Cast
Star wars - Jedi Academy
Star wars - X-wing
Star wars - X-wing vs Tie Fighter
Star wars - Galaxy's MMO chiliastra Master of PVP Space Fly........solo fly in a maxed out Gun Ship
Star wars - Republic Commandos
Star wars - Force unleash
Star wars - Force unleashed 2
Star wars - Battle front
Star wars - Knights of the Old Republic
Star wars - Knights of the Old Republic / Sith lords
Star wars - Rouge Squadron
Star wars - Kinect Star wars / xbox 360
In the large group of star wars games I work for lucas arts as a beta tester and currently still do.........
I have all current Assassin creed games and a new shiny belt buckle too
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