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Hi everyone! I talked to Austin Peckenpaugh (Senior Designer) about Commandos and Mercenaries and their situation in PvP right now, and he had this to say:

I think it's fair to say that Mercenaries and Commandos have escape issues. Admittedly, they can be very hard to catch when used correctly to hug corners, but a lot of that "escapability" falls aside when attacked by multiple melee enemies, at which point they just aren't quite tough enough to sustain without further escapes. We have plans for the future that should give Mercenaries and Commandos better escapes in PvP.
Sweet. Nothing short of a relief for this to finally be acknowledged. Although what players are already saying is true, everyone can LOS(Line of sight) and everyone has trouble against multiple enemies, this is fair this is alright but when a player is already crippled and goes into a 1v1 fight incapable or having a preposterously difficult time despite of their skill level and use of 100% of their abilities, then it falls to class problems. When another class has the tools and given the proper skill level can handle multiple enemies or simply just escape multiple enemies while we have the luxury of neither, there is a clear class imbalance. Regardless, very elated to see the response and looking forward to the much needed changes, please for the love of the dwindling Mando/Merc community left, play the class, then play the class some more, in PvP, 1v1s and even ranked, then play it just a little bit more; then and only then will you understand how incredibly dysfunctional, frustrating and awkward of a time we have.

Kudos and best of wishes, looking forward to the changes. If done right, you'll get another 6 month sub from me and perhaps others, if done wrong you'll see the extinction of Mandos/Mercs and more than likely lose their subs as well.